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Odroid N2/N2+ ArchLinuxARM Images

The Odroid N2 and N2+ newer variant is a powerful single board computer that has 6 cores clocking from 1.8Ghz up to 2.4Ghz for the N2+ variant. It supports up to 4GB of ram, has integreted ethernet, USB 3 and USB 2 ports, SDCard slot, EMMC slot and a Mesa OpenGL stack supported Mali G52 gpu, making it powerful enough for usage as a desktop computer replacement and much more. More details can be seen on the Hardkernel wiki.

Where to buy


Environment Info & Download

Distinct features from regular ALARM tarballs

  • Linux kernel maintained by @tobetter and other people with audio support, hdmi driver fixes, higher cpu frequency support for the N2+ and other changes.
  • U-Boot package with hooks to update boot.ini automatically if kernel is changed to non mainline which helps prevent bootup failures.
  • More up to date mesa package (mesa-devel or mesa-devel-git) that includes the latest panfrost work for better graphics performance on non headless images.


The process of burning the image into a SD or EMMC is documented in The images do not boot from petitboot unless you have an updated petitboot installed (20200721 release or newer seems to work) and compatible display (otherwise you will get a blank screen), if not you will need to boot directly from emmc or sdcard.

What Works?

Some of the graphic applications that have been tested and work nicely.

Triple A Games :D

  • OpenArena - sudo pacman -S openarena
  • Cendric - sudo pacman -S cendric-git
  • SuperTux - sudo pacman -S supertux
  • MineTest - sudo pacman -S minetest
  • Chromium B.S.U - sudo pacman -S chromium-bsu
  • Neverball - sudo pacman -S neverball
  • teeworlds - sudo pacman -S teeworlds
  • supertuxkart - sudo pacman -S supertuxkart
  • xonotic - sudo pacman -S xonotic


  • MPV with video acceleration - sudo pacman -S mpv
  • KODI with opengl support - sudo pacman -S kodi-wayland or sudo pacman -S kodi-x11


  • CodeLite IDE for C/C++, PHP, NodeJS development - sudo pacman -S codelite-git
  • CodeBlocks for C/C++ development - sudo pacman -S codeblocks-svn

Improving System Performance

If you want better performance try running sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance from the terminal, and to permanently set the CPU governor to performance open /etc/default/cpupower and change the line that reads:




Then you can just run sudo systemctl restart cpupower to apply the changes immediately.