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Headless Environment

Minimal image with enough packages to easily use it even from a wireless connection. (Changes Log)

What is Included?

  • Most tools to easily configure network including wifi support (wifi-menu, netctl).
  • Bluetooth
  • Yay AUR helper.
  • SSH Enabled.
  • Bigger and more readable tty font.
  • Installed archlinuxdroid-repo for easier kernel and custom package upgrades.
  • Realtime privileges enabled for alarm user for pro-audio.


Regular user:

  • username: alarm
  • password: alarm


  • username: root
  • password: root

Don’t forget to change the default password for added security.


After bootup and login if you don’t have a network cable connected and only a wifi dongle, you can use wifi-menu to easily setup the wireless connection:

# Follow the connection instructions on screen
sudo wifi-menu

# List available connections
netctl list

# Enable wifi connection on system reboot
sudo netctl enable connection-name-returned-by-netctl-list