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Environments Changes Log

The different available image environments changes log.


Date - 30/12/2020

  • A more lite-weight gnome install by using just the minimal amount of packages required to get gnome running.
  • Swapped nautilus with thunar to reduce the amount of required dependencies.
  • Disabled suspend on gnome by default to prevent issues for users without a physical power button.
  • Disabled search services on gnome for better performance.
  • Changed default color theme of gnome-terminal to more readable one.
  • Added CTRL + ALT + T keyboard shortcut to launch the terminal.
  • Improved initial setup script to not require a system reboot, so the system doesn’t reboots anymore after reaching login manager.
  • Updated pamac package which now includes hooks to fix appstream xml files.
  • Enabled the dhcpcd systemd service.

Date - 05/08/2020

  • Blacklisted hid_logitech_hidpp which caused keyboard input to not work on Gnome for wireless logitech keyboards like the K400, K360, etc…
  • Added MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 environment variable to enable wayland on firefox by default.


Date - 30/12/2020

  • First release


Date - 29/12/2020

  • Updated XFCE from 4.14 to 4.16
  • Customized colors on newer CPU Graph XFCE plugin.
  • Added default location to XFCE Weather plugin (can be changed by right click -> properties)
  • Activated Arc-Dark theme globally and for window decorations.
  • Replaced gcolor3 that broke support for X11 when non-GNOME with gcolor2 which works properly.
  • Added custom gcolor2.desktop to use more modern icon (~/.local/share/applications/gcolor2.desktop)
  • Enabled the dhcpcd systemd service.
  • Disabled compositing on XFCE for better OpenGL performance, also disabled transparency on whisker menu and bottom dock like panel.

Date - 27/07/2020

  • Added latest pamac-aur, xfce4-places-plugin, xfce4-docklike-plugin-git.
  • Added realtime privileges to alarm user for pro-audio.


Date - 24/02/2021

  • Reverted from pipewire to pulseaudio because of issues with newest pipewire and some built-in audio drivers when starting the system up.

Date - 09/02/2021

  • Added first boot setup wizard that guides you thru setting timezone, locale, hostname, passwords, keyboard, etc…
  • Updated to latest wayfire 0.7 which includes performance improvements and new protocol additions.
  • Added waybar as top panel with tray icons support and some other customization’s.
  • Case insensitive search on wofi app launcher.
  • Enabled network manager connection applet thanks to waybar.
  • Removed gnome-control-center
  • Switched from gdm to lightdm
  • Dropped weston and gtk-shell.
  • Moved wf-panel to bottom, enabled window-list, patched wf-panel to show missing icons.
  • Added osmo calendar and task management application when clicking the upper clock/date.
  • Styled wlogout to match system theme and dropped lock, suspend and hibernate buttons.
  • Added 8 seconds timeout to mako notifications.
  • Swapped pulseaudio, alsa and jack with new all in one solution PipeWire.
  • Added mugshot for simple user profile configuration.

Date - 05/01/2021

  • Increased xfce4 dropdown terminal width to centralize better on the screen.
  • Added wl-color-picker (use Super + shift + p to launch color picker)
  • Replaced wayland-logout with wlogout for the app menu logout button which offers an interface to reboot, poweroff and logout.
  • Added pamac-tray to wayfire startup so pamac-manager can detect packages that need to upgrade properly
  • Enabled scale (Super + s or Super + shift + s) and workspace-names plugins.
  • Added binding (Super + d) for wdisplays (wdisplays may have rendering bugs on panfrost).
  • Styled the wofi launcher enabling app icons, 2 columns and more padding from icon to app title.
  • Styled mako desktop notifications to better match the desktop theme.

Date -31/12/2020

  • Updated wayfire to 0.6.0
  • Swapped lxterminal with xfce4-terminal when pressing CTRL + ALT + t .
  • Swapped connman to NetworkManager.
  • Swapped greetd with gdm.
  • Fixed applications not launching from menu because of missing dbus-session.
  • Super + a now launches wofi and Super + shift + a bemenu

Date - 03/08/2020

  • Replaced guake with xfce4-terminal for better drop-down terminal support.
  • Added wf-dock to startup to enable wayfire bottom app panel.
  • Set virtual workspace size to 3x3.
  • Added space wallpaper as a skydome texture for the wayfire cube plugin.
  • Enable Super+f for fullscreen and Shift+Super+f for alternative forced fullscreen.
  • Added latest pamac-aur, yay, wlroots-git, wayfire-git, etc…