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About Archdroid

Welcome to Archdroid a set of tools and additional packages to provide extended support for single board computers that may or may not be supported by ArchLinuxARM. Currently additional support is provided for the Odroid N2/N2+ and Odroid C4/HC4 in the form of newer uboot, patched kernels from hardkernel, ready to use disk images and additional software repository for updates. The ideal situation would be for the changes provided by this project to get merged upstream (ArchLinuxARM), but until then we will keep providing the additional packages and improvements.

Any ArchLinuxARM based distro is welcome to use the tools and packages we have worked on and to contribute to the various repositories on our GitHub Organization.


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Recent Updates

lite-xl-git 2.1.1.r...
waybar-git r2459.4...
astromenace 1.4.2-1
linux-odroid-600-headers 6.0.16-1
linux-odroid-600 6.0.16-1
glmark2-git r1012.4...
mesa-devel-git 22.3.0_...
linux-odroid-518-headers 5.18.12-1
linux-odroid-518 5.18.12-1
linux-amlogic-519-headers 5.19.1-0