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Odroid C4/HC4 ArchLinuxARM Images

The Odroid C4 and HC4 newer variant is a inexpensive and powerful enough single board computer that has 4 cores clocking up to 2Ghz. It supports up to 4GB of ram, has integreted ethernet, USB 3 and USB 2 ports, SDCard slot, EMMC slot and a Mesa OpenGL stack supported Mali G31 gpu, making it capable enough for lightweight desktop usage, as a powerful NAS and more. More details can be seen on the C4 Hardkernel wiki or the HC4 Hardkernel wiki.

Where to buy


Environment Info & Download

Distinct features from regular ALARM tarballs

  • Support for C4 and HC4.
  • Linux kernel maintained by @tobetter and other people with audio support, hdmi driver fixes.
  • U-Boot package with hooks to update boot.ini automatically if kernel is changed to non mainline which helps prevent bootup failures.
  • More up to date mesa-devel package with more recent panfrost work for better graphics performance.


The process of burning the image into a SD or EMMC is documented in

What Works?

Some of the graphic applications that have been tested.

Triple A Games :D

  • OpenArena - sudo pacman -S openarena
  • Cendric - sudo pacman -S cendric-git
  • SuperTux - sudo pacman -S supertux
  • MineTest - sudo pacman -S minetest
  • Chromium B.S.U - sudo pacman -S chromium-bsu
  • Neverball - sudo pacman -S neverball
  • teeworlds - sudo pacman -S teeworlds
  • supertuxkart - sudo pacman -S supertuxkart


  • MPV with video acceleration - sudo pacman -S mpv
  • KODI with opengl support - sudo pacman -S kodi-x11


  • CodeLite IDE for C/C++, PHP, NodeJS development - sudo pacman -S codelite-git
  • CodeBlocks for C/C++ development - sudo pacman -S codeblocks-svn

Improving System Performance

If you want better performance try running sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance from the terminal, and to permanently set the CPU governor to performance open /etc/default/cpupower and change the line that reads:




Then you can just run sudo systemctl restart cpupower to apply the changes immediately.