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GNOME Desktop Environment

GNOME is a modern and featureful desktop environment. (Changes Log)

What is Included?

  • Bluetooth
  • Networking with NetworkManager
  • Yay AUR helper.
  • Pamac software center.
  • Use of Arc desktop theme and Papirus icon theme by default.
  • SSH Enabled.
  • Bigger and more readable tty font.
  • Installed archlinuxdroid-repo for easier kernel and custom package upgrades.
  • Firefox with wayland support enabled. (see /etc/profile.d/)
  • Realtime privileges enabled for alarm user for pro-audio.
  • A nice space.jpg wallpaper!

Here are some basic screenshots:


Regular user:

  • username: alarm
  • password: alarm


  • username: root
  • password: root

The first boot setup wizard will let you easily change the default passwords for added security.


With latest image, after booting to the login manager wait some seconds because the system will grow the partition and setup locales, then a setup wizard will guide you to finish system setup, so make sure to have a display connected when booting the image.

Known Issues

The system automatically turns off

GNOME is set to sleep the device after a predefined amount of inactivity, to prevent this disable the feature from the gnome control center / settings.

Keyboard Bindings

Note: SuperKey is also known as WinKey

  1. Press SuperKey + a to open the applications menu.
  2. Press SuperKey + t to drop down the terminal
  3. Press SuperKey + f to go into fullscreen for applications that support it
  4. Press SuperKey + q to quit/close an application

For more bindings check the gnome settings.